Keene Schools

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Keene is part of the SAU 29 Keene school district.


Grades 9-12: Keene High School serves the towns of Chesterfield, Harrisville, Marlborough, Marlow, Nelson, and Westmoreland.

Grades  6-8:  Aside from Keene, the towns of Stoddard,  Marlow, Harrisville, and Nelson attend Keene Middle School.

Grades K-5: There are five elementary schools in Keene, each serving their immediate surrounding area. They are Jonathan M. Daniels School, Benjamin Franklin Elementary School, Fuller Elementary School, Symonds Elementary School, and the Wheelock School.

Preschools: There are several preschools and other institutions that offer preschool services in school, including Maple Avenue Nursery School, Great Beginnings Infant, Keene Montessori School, and Wheelock Preschool.

Private Schools: The Monadnock Waldorf School is an alternative K-12 school. Trinity Lutheran School offers a K-8 christian program.

Colleges/Universities: Keene is also home to Keene State College.