5 Fun things to do in Greenfield, NH

Greenfield, NH is a beautiful small town in the middle of Hilllsborough County. Greenfield was originally called Lyndeborough Addition when it was settled by the Lynde family in 1753. Then, in 1791, the residents of Lyneborough petitioned to form a new town, called Greenfield for the areas luscious and fertile landscape.

Greenfield is also home to the largest trebuchet in the world, Yankee Siege, and the Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center that services over 200 children and adults. When you find yourself in Greenfield, NH make sure you do these fun things:

1. Greenfield State Park

state park

Greenfield State Park is a sprawling 400-acre park that offers visitors access to Beaver pond, the undeveloped Utter Lake, pristine forests and bogs as far as they eye can see. The park offers camping, swimming, fishing, hiking, canoeing and so much more in a wonderful and serene atmosphere. The park also has a small store for refreshments and souvenirs in case you forgot something or want to take something home to remember your great time in Greenfield, NH. Greenfield State Park is the perfect place to start you trip to the town as it offers so much to do and will put you in the perfect mood to enjoy the town.

2. Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center’s hiking trails

The Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center, beyond offering services to individuals with disabilities, has over 1200 acres of forests, fields and wetlands. Their accessible trails were formed to be handicap accessible, which means they offer two incredibly easy to hike trails to the public. The mountains chief engineer sums it up best: “The most amazing thing was that while we built this to be accessible to everyone, we found that you go hiking any day and it’s people who can walk [who are out there] — seniors with a fall risk, moms with a stroller so the whole family can go.”

The trails, then, provide a perfect oppertunity to get out of and see the beauty of Greenfield, NH without having to work too hard.

3. The Greenfield Inn


The Greenfield Inn is a gorgeous Victorian mansion that acts as a bed and breakfast in Greenfield, NH. The charming inn, which sits majestically at the top of its own hill, is the perfect place to stay the night while your in Greenfield, NH, especially if camping at the park isn’t your cup of tea. The inn also the perfect jumping off point for numerous other activies like skiing at Crotched Mountain, cross country skiing at Wimblown, tennis, golf, hiking and much more. The Greenfield Inn is perfectly indicative of what Greenfield, NH represents rustic beauty and it is well worth the trip to stay there and take it all in.

4. Hancock-Greenfield Covered Bridge

The Hancock-Greenfield Covered Bridge is elegant, wood covered bridge that was built in 1937 by the Hagan-Thibodeau Construction Company. The bridge is open to traffic, meaning that you can drive through it as you take in the beauty of the New England style architecture. The almost 90 ft. bridge is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and acts as the perfect backdrop to a photo of Greenfield, NH.

5. Uplift Music Festival

The Uplift Music Festival is volunteer run annual music festival in Greenfield, NH run in August. The festival tries to bring together all of the areas local farmers, artists and businesses to show off their goods and gives all of its profits to one lucky small business or non-profit. The all day event is the perfect reason to make the trip out to Greenfield, NH, so make sure to check out their site in the summer time an see who is playing that year.

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