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Let the arts uplift you! Something tried and true or take a ride with something new!

Find fun activities, local attractions and places to dine around New Hampshire’s beautiful Mount Monadnock! From scenic B&Bs to contemporary art galleries to our beautiful mountain and its pristine surroundings, the New Hampshire’s Cultural Corner has it all.

Special Pandemic Message

What can you find on this website?

You will find the restaurant listings we have always carried. Weather that allows dining outdoors is nearly here or grab take out if dining-indoors still isn’t for you. Natural sites you can continue to enjoy while you keep a safe distance from others. On this page, check out our blog posts for activities you can do at a distance – like hiking, swimming or touring the region’s landmarks! Look through all the drop down menus for plenty to keep you busy in this beautiful region of New Hampshire!

To ensure artists you love survive this rough time, we encourage you to reach out and make a contribution today to your most treasured arts institutions, and support your favorite artists’ Patreon accounts or buy their work. Help them weather the ongoing storm, if you are able.

Stay safe and stay well!

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