Artists: Find support in the Monadnock Region

Article by Abby Holt

Getting discovered as an artist is hard work. While there are a lucky few that wind up in a “right place, right time” situation, most of us have to live up to the starving artist persona. Fortunately, there are ways that we can set ourselves up for success. Many artists find support to succeed here in the Monadnock region. Today, Monadnock Arts Alive shares a few tips on that and showcases some of our favorite local arts businesses.

Social Media Matters

No matter what medium you work with, social media is going to be your first step toward success. Make sure that you have an excellent online presence with lots of samples of your work. You’ll also want to engage with your audience often. Most businesses can benefit from multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

Yes, You Need a Resume

While you might deal in paints or musical notes, you still need a resume to show prospective customers/clients what you’ve done and what you’re capable of. This is fairly easy to create using Microsoft Word and PDFs. Learn how to edit PDFs by using an online tool that walks you through the process. You’ll find it’s fairly easy to upload a file or image, make changes, and share it with your audience.

Add a Craft Room (Which May Increase Your Home’s Value)

Even if you’re not planning to move anytime soon, keep your home’s appraisal value in mind as you create a multi-purpose workspace. Remember, remote work is more common than ever, and what might be your craft room today may be someone’s future office, which is an amenity that will command a higher price tag. Make sure that you keep up with this and other updates so that you can share these with your appraiser in the future.

Participate in Community Fairs and Events

While marketing in digital spaces is important, showing up in your community and building human relationships, excitement and interest in what you’re making is also important. Face to face interactions can be key to developing your list of potential clients/customers. The Monadnock region boasts several fairs, festivals, and makers markets throughout the year. You can check out our Discover Monadnock calendar for upcoming events, or join Arts Alive as a member to receive notices of calls for vendors, performers, and more. Get to know your local community!

Spotlight Businesses 

Baker Street Readers

If you love Sherlock Holmes as much as James Gelter, then the Baker Street Readers podcast is perfect for you. Visit Patreon to subscribe to one of three tiers of storytelling excellence. Even if you’ve never been acquainted with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s most famous character, you won’t be able to turn your ear.

Brooks Post & Beam

Many people don’t consider homebuilding and artwork, but since 1967, Brooks Post & Beam has been changing people’s minds throughout the entire North East. Beautiful hand-crafted New England timber frame homes, custom barns, and post and beam pergolas are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing.

Emily Sodders

Emily believes that family portraits are a time-honored heirloom, and her love of the arts is reflected in every brushstroke. Her exceptional creative services include portraits, murals, and face painting for a work of art to wear during your favorite event or festival.

Hallie Driscoll

Hallie Driscoll is another local artist that deserves a round of applause for her sheer talent and dedication. Not only does she offer hand embroidery and digital design, she serves to remind us that the arts can be a great coping mechanism for stress and anxiety.

Mark Hatcher Guitars

A custom guitar is not only a work of visual art but offers a warm and all-encompassing sound that simply can’t be mimicked by an instrument made on an assembly line. Hatcher Guitars offers custom and ready-made options for the musically inclined. Let his art become yours


If you are ready to join the ranks of these talented artists, give yourself a leg up on the competition. Start with a dynamic media presence and resume, and don’t forget about updating your home so that you have a great space to work (and document your updates to boost your home value!).


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