Denis Boudreau – an exhibit on Early Mountaineering Paraphernalia


The Jaffrey Civic Center is pleased to announce an exhibit of Early Mountaineering Paraphernalia by Denis Boudreau. The exhibit will be held in the first floor Display Cases and will begin October 23th and run through November 19th, 2015.


“Mountains and mountaineering has become a way of life for me. Something I cannot deny. I feel thankful and humble by the enrichment. The archival aspect has taken me on a journey to a place in time when things were much simpler. You could say primitive. People were much more in tune to their environment that they were relying on. I am intrigued by a blacksmith forming an ice axe head, a cobbler making hob nail boots or a rope-maker twisting his cordage. When a Guide cuts steps in the ice wall of a mountain for his client to follow, or when his movements become like a dance on ice, his axe rings out like a song.” Denis Boudreau

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