Discover Monadnock’s June’s Featured Artists

We are excited to highlight another three incredibly artist for the month of June. June has kicked off as an exciting week for art in the Monadnock region with the Keene Art Walk kicking off and NEFA’s Creative Communities Exchange being hosted by Arts Alive.

We are hoping to continue the theme with June’s featured artists of the month. As many of the artist we talked to have pointed out, there are so many talented artists in the area that are always looking for follows. So, if you like any of our featured artists, make sure to follow them on Facebook, subscribe to their email lists or buy a piece of their work.

Here’s our list of the three featured artists in June:

1. Elaine Farmer

Elaine Farmer is a plein air oil painter who paints beautiful landscapes of the Monadnock area that you can see below. Farmer, a Paint the Parks Top 100, winner spent her life travelling over the world painting different scenic views and teaching workshops until she settled on New Hampshire for home.

Farmer was originally born in Massachusetts before moving to England for three years to study with an private instructor from Oxford and travel Europe. In 1985, she officially launched her career as a professional artist and then moved to Georgia. She would live there for a decade, opening her own art gallery and serving as president of the Warn Robins Artist Association.

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2. Dianne Eno

Dianne Eno is not your average dancer or performer. Eno is a New Hampshire born, environmental artists choreographer and performer, which means that she often eschews a traditional stage and performs in natural environments like at the top of Mount Monadnock, in river beds and deep within the woods.

Eno received her M.A. from New York University in the study of environmental conversation education and environmental art. She is currently a doctoral student at Antioch New England University studying environmental studies.

Eno’s work pulls from a multitude of different types of dance she has studied and masterfully combines them with Native American movements and sign language. Make sure to look at the astounding pictures below and find a time to go see a performance:

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3. Hans Schepker

Hans Schepker is an incredible artist who combines glass and geometry to create mind-blowing stain glass sculptures, time pieces and lighting.  Schepker was born and raised in Germany. After deciding working on building military equipment wasn’t for him, he became a master tailor, fine woodworker and fiber artist. Schepker, then, moved to the United States where he started out working, again, as a tailor. He would progress to teaching at a Waldorf School and then onto combining his two passions of art and math into beautiful pieces of art work.

Schepker starts with a basic geometric shape like a cube or sphere. He then adds the same geometric shape, sometimes slightly altered, to the first, and so on, until he has created an amazing abstract piece of art like the ones displayed below. His works are surely stunning and do make for great office and house lights.

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