The Edge Ensemble presents six David Ives plays

The New York Times has called David Ives “wizardly, magical, and funny, a master of language.” The Edge Ensemble presents six of his funniest and most original plays!  The performance will be comprised of six of David Ives’ witty, surreal, and hilarious comedies.

Directors Kim Dupuis and Carrie Kidd bring Ives’ sometimes surreal, always hilarious universe to life in six of his short comedies featuring a seasoned ensemble cast: Jonathan Ray, Dakota Benedetto, Mark DiPietro, Kim Dupuis, Heather Morrison, Greg Pratt, Cynthia Rodier, Ruby Dupuis-Morrison, Aaron Rychwa, Tara Sabino-Potter, Emma Seidler and Tom Bernstock.

ABOUT THE DINNER THEATRE:  This event is sure to please with many laughs, delicious food, and good company. You don’t want to miss it! Get your friends together, and buy your tickets now because tickets are going fast, and TICKETS MUST BE PURCHASED IN ADVANCE! Read all about it…

The dinner theatre will be held on Saturday, May 21, beginning at 6 p.m.! A three course meal and the show is included in the ticket price of $55! And, there will be a cash bar!

The doors will open for the dinner theatre at 6:00 PM. At 6:30 the first course will be served.


Gazpacho OR Seafood Chowder


“English Made Simple” directed by Kim Dupuis
Jack (Aaron Rychwa) and Jill (Ruby Dupuis-Morrison) meet at a party and find they need help from a disembodied translator (Heather Morrison) to understand the many languages of love.

“The Philadelphia” directed by Kim Dupuis
Best buddies Al (Mark DiPietro) and Mark (Jonathan Ray), along with a sassy waitress (Emma Seidler) are stuck in a Twilight Zone-like diner where, as the Rolling Stones would say, you can’t always get what you want.


Braciole (For a special treat, choose braciole – a rich velvety main course and an Italian favorite. It is typically served as a special treat because the preparation is time consuming. It is a stuffed, rolled beef that’s cooked in a little bit of tomato sauce and served with pasta.) OR

Southwestern Chicken Over Cilantro-Lime Rice (For lighter fare, choose chicken prepared southwestern style and served over a light cilantro-lime rice.) OR

Vegetarian Lasagna

The main course will be served with a fresh garden salad and bread & butter.


“Seven Menus” directed by Kim Dupuis
Eight people (Greg Pratt, Emma Seidler, Tom Bernstock, Tara Sabino-Potter, Mark DiPietro, Ruby Dupuis-Morrison, Jonathan Ray, and Dakota Benedetto) find almost as many choices among each other as there are menus at their favorite dining spot.

“Sure Thing” directed by Kim Dupuis
Ever wish there was a reset button when you’re trying to impress someone of the opposite sex? Bill (Greg Pratt) and Betty (Tara Sabino-Potter) get several chances to make things right on the night they meet.


The third course will consist of a variety of home-made desserts including:

Pecan Pie, Raspberry Chocolate Cake, Cherry Cheesecake Bars, Lemon Blueberry Bundt Cake, Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, and many more.


“Time Flies” directed by Kim Dupuis
Two youthful May flies (Dakota Benedetto and Jonathan Ray) are enjoying their first date until a pompous TV nature host (Greg Pratt) shows up to teach the world about their short, lowly lives.

“Lives of the Saints” directed by Carrie Kidd
Edna (Kim Dupuis) and Flo (Cynthia Rodier), are dedicated church ladies who provide meals for parishioners’ funerals. As they bond over food, Polish jokes, and mortality, they receive some unseen help (Mark DiPietro, Heather Morrison, Ruby Dupuis-Morrison).

Tickets for the dinner theatre evening are $55 each and include the three course meal, soda, tea, coffee and the show! A cash bar will also be available to purchase beer and wine.

To purchase your tickets contact us by calling 603-352-5657; sending an email; visiting our website at; or sending us a message via Facebook!

Additional “dessert theatre” performances will happen on Friday, May 20 at 7:30 p.m., Sunday, May 22, at 2 p.m.; Friday and Saturday, May 27 and 28, at 7:30 p.m.; and Sunday, May 29, at 2 pm. Dessert and beverage is included in the ticket price of $15 for these dessert theatre performances.

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