Energy Expert at Amos Fortune Forum

 Dr. Clay Mitchell, globally recognized energy expert and academic will be the fifth speaker for the 70th season of the Amos Fortune Forum. His topic is entitled “Renewing Energy: a Clear and New Vision” and will be presented on Friday, August 5 at 8pm at the historic Meetinghouse in Jaffrey, New Hampshire.


Our energy choices have broad impacts on our economy, our environment and our national security. Advances in technology, policy and financing have led to market changes that make renewable energy within reach of individuals, institutions and governments; why then is there so much debate and so much resistance to implementing a clean energy economy?
Clay will share his experience and research into the opportunities and challenges related to a transition to clean energy. Wading through the complex mix of messages and myths associated with energy, Clay will provide insight into why innovation may not be the most-welcome concept for champions of the status quo. Finally, looking forward, a vision for a newly conceived energy system that is democratic and responsive to our goals will be provided for your consideration.


Clay Mitchell is on the faculty at the University of New Hampshire where he teaches sustainable energy and environmental policy and an adjunct Professor at Vermont Law School. Dr. Mitchell is a graduate of VLS where he earned his JD and MSEL in the class of ’96. His Doctorate in Natural Resources and Environmental Studies is from the University of New Hampshire.


Dr. Mitchell has worked with local governments in New Hampshire in the land use planning and energy fields. He has served as a land use planner and attorney throughout the state. Dr. Mitchell has participated at the local and state level in developing projects and policies that contribute to economic sustainability and secure energy resources for clients in the public and private sectors. Dr. Mitchell has served as the Policy Director at the NH Sustainable Energy Association as well as past President of the Board. He sat on the Energy and Environment Advisory Team for NH Gov. Hassan and is the past Chair of the Northeast Combined Heat and Power Initiative Board of Directors.


The Amos Fortune Forum is presented at the Meetinghouse, built in 1755  in historic Jaffrey Center, New Hampshire, 2.5 miles west of downtown Jaffrey and 75 miles from downtown Boston.  Speakers are presented at 8pm sharp each Friday during the summer. As is the custom of the Forum, no admission is charged, however, donations are accepted. After each forum, a brief reception is held with each speaker at The First Church in Jaffrey Parish Hall, directly across from the Meetinghouse. Information for the Forum can be found at, Facebook ( or at Twitter (@amosforum). The telephone number is (641) 715-3900 Extension 742251.


The next Amos Fortune Forum speaker is the Rector of All Saints’ Parish in Peterborough, Rev. Jamie Hamilton. Her topic will explore the overarching themes of the Qur’an in a talk entitled, “Iqra: Reading the Qur’an.”  Rev. Hamilton will speak on Friday, August 12th at 8pm.
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