Growth Stories: Hannah Grimes

The Hannah Grimes Center is a nonprofit that focuses on  educating, supporting and assisting entrepreneurs and community builders in the Monadnock region. This work is done in a larger effort to foster a thriving and sustainable local economy.

To achieve its mission, the Hannah Grimes Center offers a wide range of business development programs and a Business Incubator Program through the Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurship; organizational development programs and supportive small-space offices for nonprofit organizations through the Hannah Grimes Center for Nonprofits; and the Hannah Grimes Marketplace, a dynamic retail store with an exclusive focus on local products to help build local businesses and connect those businesses to regional consumers.

The Hannah Grimes Center was founded and is still run today by Mary Ann Kristiansen. Kristiansen opened the Hannah rimes Marketplace in 1997 to create a market for local products and to help support entrepreneurship. Since its opening, Kristiansen has been able to grow from the marketplace into a much larger and more dynamic enterprise that is able to help budding entrepreneurs in a myriad of ways.

Learn more about the Hannah Grimes Center in the People’s VC video below:

Hannah Grimes from PeoplesVC on Vimeo.

This video explores the question of why Hannah Grimes is amazing as per request of a Federal Government Grant application.

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