How To Prepare To Move Into a Smaller House

How To Prepare To Move Into a Smaller House

Moving to a smaller house instead of a bigger one can feel strange. Many people believe bigger is always better, but that’s not always true. Smaller homes come with a lot of perks that big spaces lack. If you plan on moving into a smaller home sometime soon, the transition can take a lot of effort. Here, we show you how to prepare to move to a smaller house, so you can feel good about the move.

Downsize Your Possessions

If you want to move around freely in your new home, you’ll need fewer things cluttering up the space. This is where you must get brutal about some of your possessions. How many of those things do you actually need? Which pieces are just nice to have? Downsizing can be tricky, especially if you’ve never done it before, but you’ll be glad when you have much less to unpack.

Measure All Your Furniture

If you plan on using the same furniture in your new home, make sure it fits through the door. Measuring all the dimensions of your furniture, as well as the new home’s door frames and entrances, will save you a lot of headaches when deciding what to keep and what needs to go.

Familiarize Yourself With Storage Spaces

When you look through new houses that are smaller than your current one, consider the challenge of finding space for everything. Keep your eyes peeled as you look at houses for their storage solutions. Does a particular home have enough storage to accommodate you? Will one dwelling require you to give up more possessions than another? These questions will help you make sure you find the house that will meet all your needs.

Start Packing Early

There will be many tough choices regarding what you’ll keep and what you’ll get rid of. One of the best tips for preparing to move to a smaller house we can give is to start the packing and downsizing as early as possible. Making those kinds of choices while you’re stressed about a deadline only means you’ll make more mistakes. Give yourself a healthy buffer period; that way, the decisions won’t seem so dire in the moment.

Through the whole process set realistic goals for purging belongings and packing those your keeping. When you meet a goal treat yourself with something that won’t bring more stuff back in your home! Want to be pampered? Think about a local spa or massage therapist.  How about a well earned meal at a local restaurant? Love gourmet coffee? Take a break and hang out at a local coffee shop. Tickets for an afternoon or evening of theatre, film, or music can be a well earned splurge and not necessarily break the bank. You will find a wide variety of offerings to delight you in the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire! 

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