Mixed Media Exhibit by Dr. Stephen Gehlbach

The Jaffrey Civic Center will be hosting a mixed media exhibit by local artist, Stephen Gehlbach beginning June 3th through June 30th, 2016 in the display case galleries on the ground floor. The title of the exhibit is: Water: Forms and Patterns. There will be an opening reception on Friday, June 3rd from 5 to 7 pm. Stephen Gehlbach is a mostly-retired academic physician who lives in Jaffrey. He spends increasing amounts of his time trying to capture aspects of nature through his Sony mirror-less lenses. Over time his images have evolved from documentation of wildlife and landscape to an emphasis on more abstract representation of nature’s forms and colors and patterns –trying to see this world more clearly.


About his exhibit:

“It’s the most abundant compound on earth. It makes up over 80% of our planet’s surface (and 60% of our bodies). Life could not exist without it. Water is a marvelous compound-not simply for its vital functions but for the multiplicity of its forms. We experience it as mist and fog and dew, as cumulus and cirrus clouds, as rain and snow, as crystals of ice, as reflections or ripples on still ponds, as musical streams, as roiling waves or receding ocean eddies. We feel it, hear it, taste and see it. This photo essay is all about water- in its varying forms- as visual patterns. These abstractions help us see the too familiar with greater clarity and argue for another of the compound’s attributes- water as art.”  Stephen Gehlbach


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