Moving Tips To Make the Process Simpler

Moving Tips To Make the Process Simpler

With adequate preparation, moving needn’t cause too much stress. If you need moving tips to make the process simpler, read on.

Mark Your Calendar With a Schedule

Signify dates and times on your calendar that you will dedicate to the move. Clearly writing out a checklist for yourself will avoid any last-minute scrambling. A realistic schedule will likely need to be revised as you go along – the basement or attic could take much longer to clean out and pack up than you had thought! The more time you give yourself and the more you review and revise your schedule, the more at ease you’ll feel come moving day.

Donate in Advance

Often, homeowners overlook their ambitions to donate a bunch of home goods due to a crunch for time—and those items end up in the trash. By plotting out some time in advance, you can still give back amid your moving process. Not only will donating free up some space and enable you to organize, but it also is one of the impactful ways to support people affected by homelessness in your area.

Seek Sturdy Boxes

The last thing you want during a move is for boxes to start breaking left and right, especially ones that are stocked with valuables. Find durable boxes to reduce the risk of damaged goods. Try securing some for free from your local wholesale supplier or liquor store.

Designate an “Open First” Box

Consider your first night in your new home. Will you need access to your glasses, medication, toothbrush, and other essentials? Avoid ripping through all your carefully packed boxes by designating one box to your must-haves for the first night or two.

Remember To Update Your Address

Shortly after you move into your new abode, update your address. You can do this at the U.S. Postal Service by filing their “change of address” form.

Update your address as soon as possible to continue receiving your necessary mail. Changing the address will also prevent sensitive information from collecting dust with the other new renter or homeowner.

When All Is Said and Done

Remember to enjoy as much of the moving process as you can. Purging unneeded and unwanted items can feel good! Try to look ahead to where you are going, learn about it, and let the positive energy of that excitement keep you “moving” along.  Moving to the Monadnock Region? To help you learn about this beautiful corner of New Hampshire, be sure to check out Discover Monadnock!

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