Preparing Yourself For Remote Work In New Hampshire

A Great Place to Work From Home

In the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic, companies are getting on board with remote work culture. The media highlights people living in big cities relocating because their work is now remote, but people who already live in their dream towns don’t need to relocate to take advantage of remote work. Companies are creating more lenient work from home policies, giving people who live in beautiful settings more reason to work from home and enjoy their communities. 

New Hampshire is a likely destination for tech workers fleeing New York City and Boston for lower living costs and friendlier tax policies. The slow pace and small, tight-knit communities give tech workers the ability to leave their cramped living quarters for a place where they can breathe fresh air and avoid lengthy and busy commutes. There are financial incentives to leave cities for less urban areas. Remote workers are beginning to see the financial incentives of leaving states like Massachusetts, New York, and Vermont, which have high income tax rates, for New Hampshire, which doesn’t have income tax

The Rise Of Remote Work

Employers and employees found that some parts of remote work are an improvement over the typical on-site settings. Trendsetting companies gave their employees the option to never return to the office in a massive endorsement of the new work style. Not all employers are adopting this mindset, and, in fact, not all employees want to work remotely all the time. As a compromise, the remote work model will likely permit workers to work from home more often while reporting to the office two to three times a week. 

These changes give job seekers more opportunities. Skilled full stack developers can work at the Silicon Valley-based companies allowing 100% remote work, or keep their talents local and work for New Hampshire-based ones in the hybrid model of mixed office and home settings. 

There Are Tech Companies In NH

While first impressions of the “Live free or die” state aren’t normally associated with tech companies, there are a few startups that will make you reconsider New Hampshire’s tech community. There is the New Hampshire-founded company Dyn, which was bought by tech giant Oracle. With the rise of tech companies and workers fleeing California, there will be a growth in tech companies starting in smaller cities and rural areas. 

For example, Autodesk creates and sells software tools to companies worldwide to help them manufacture and build innovative products. They are on the lookout for new grads and interns to help develop the New Hampshire tech bubble. Their global presence requires remote working skills to coordinate with different offices worldwide. Students at local universities and at online coding bootcamps like Code Fellows can get experience working on real-world problems. 

Get the Skills Companies Desire

Technology and COVID-19 are changing the needs of businesses. The economic impact requires companies to use more data to make sure they aren’t frivolously spending money. Data science is giving companies insights to boost their efficiency. It can be used in any part of a business. Logistics, sales conversions, and market demand can all be analyzed by data experts to adjust company policies to improve business plans. Analytical skills and coding languages like SQL (Structured Query Language) are in demand by companies in various industries. 

Learn Tech Skills At Home

The education industry has adapted to the remote model as well. Schooling is increasingly available in online formats. Even regional schools like MIT and Harvard are adapting their methods for new styles of learning. There is likely an online format that will meet your schedule and learning needs. A quick way to upskill to an entry-level tech job is to attend a coding bootcamp. These bootcamps take motivated learners from asking “what is CSS?” to creating websites with vibrant colors and unique fonts. 

The best online coding bootcamps offer a wide variety of skills. There is a tech job for all people out there. Tech jobs are more involved than sitting in front of a computer all day. You can create beautiful websites, collect data, or study user behavior. You can learn at your own pace and even defer payments until you find a tech job.

Remote Work Is Here To Stay

Tech jobs are perfect if you want a job that lends itself to remote work. Remote work is becoming more common and is a valuable tool for teams who want to get the best employees but don’t need them to relocate. Remote work isn’t an all or nothing mode. Companies still value old fashioned face to face time. With the new tech skills, you can contribute to any of the businesses in our small corner of New Hampshire.

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