Proper Ways To Display Your Flag Outside

Proper Ways To Display Your Flag Outside

Ensure you know the proper ways to display your flag outside before you decide to fly yours, as there are many spoken and unspoken rules. By following flag etiquette, you’re on track to respecting a symbol for our country. 

Know Flag Flying Rules

There are a few rules you should make yourself aware of before you decide to fly your flag. For example, when flying another one alongside it, the American flag must be the highest in the air. This means if you fly a state and national flag, the national flag should be highest on the pole. Other proper ways to display your flag outside include:

  • Ensuring it’s at the top of the staff or flagpole
  • Only half-mast on appropriately established days
  • When flown vertically, the Union is at the top right corner
  • If adjacent to another flag, the American flag is in front

Understanding the rules of flying your flag ensures you respect what it stands for and the history it symbolizes to our country.

Follow Flag Etiquette 

Additionally, inform yourself of flag etiquette and remain diligent when flying the flag; this is especially important if you live in a location that receives a lot of rain or snow. These weather conditions could ruin the flag, and should that occur, you must properly dispose of it. Other rules of etiquette include:

  • Rising your flag at sunrise and lowering it at sunset
  • Don’t let it touch the ground or plants
  • Don’t use it as a cover
  • Don’t fly the flag upside down

Following flag etiquette is just as important as following flying rules; both are displays of admiration. Ensure you follow these guidelines and take care of your flag to prevent weather conditions or misuse from destroying it. 

Know Days for Flying

Lastly, know when you should fly your American flag, as it’s a sign of respect for some holidays but not expected for all. Some national holidays for flying your flag are:

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Memorial Day
  • 4th of July
  • Labor Day
  • Veterans Day

There are various other days that are seen as respectful days for flying the flag such as 9/11. It’s also seen as respectful to fly a flag on January 1st, Easter, Christmas, and even Mother’s and Father’s Day. Make sure you fly your flag with etiquette, in the right weather conditions, and at the ideal time.

A few of the flag-flying days are associated with ceremonies and parades in local Monadnock Region towns. For a listing of those towns and what they might offer if you visit on a flag-flying day for a parade or ceremony or as a personal holiday, visit the Discover Monadnock Towns page!

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