Tips for Mixing Different Interior Design Styles

Tips for Mixing Different Interior Design Styles

The Monadnock region hosts a variety of cultural influences that are reflected in our houses. We often choose décor that reminds us of our backgrounds or replicates surroundings like the ones with which we grew up. But you don’t have to limit yourself to one aesthetic—you can incorporate other local elements that work with what you already have. Try these tips for mixing different interior design styles for a uniquely New Hampshire home.


New England’s shoreline is a perfect fit for the coastal style, which is gaining popularity all over the country. The idea is to invoke a relaxed beach house without delving too far into nautical kitsch. If you want to dip a toe without diving in, try adding these characteristics:

  • Light or bleached wood
  • Lots of white with soft blues
  • Striped accents
  • Breezy cottons and linens

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Fry Fine Art features beautiful seascapes to set the tone of a room.


This style is easy to find throughout Monadnock because it’s been here since the beginning. It’s much more formal than coastal, with callbacks to European elegance. The American Colonial interpretation retained the lines but added New World touches like acorn and eagle motifs. These blend well with the preppy sensibility of coastal. You can also try:

  • Dark, polished woods
  • Ornate carving
  • Rich, deep color palettes
  • Textured fabrics like silk, velvet, and brocade

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Gibson Pewter sells handcrafted tableware and vases that give interiors historic accents.

French Country

In terms of trends, rustic gave way to shabby chic, which morphed into farmhouse and now French country. This iteration of the style complements traditional interiors because it adds the twist of curving, European ornamentation—Marie Antoinette playing milkmaid. But French country is much lighter in tone, so it can also combine with the subtle, cool palette of coastal. Experiment with these elements:

  • Distressed wood finishes
  • Botanical themes
  • Natural, neutral materials
  • Gingham, toile, and plaid patterns

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The Black Swan gift shop showcases rustic fabrics and knickknacks that embody that contribute warmth to French country décor.

Visit the  decorating and antique shops or the many other shops in the Monadnock region with just the right details to match your style!

Use these tips for mixing different interior design styles as a way to learn more about area cultures and support local businesses. You can always find their wares online or call shops for more information.

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