Top 5 Things you Should be Doing on

Most of you know what we have been working tirelessly to make Discover Monandock an amazing resource for everyone whose interested in the Monanock Region. Though our focus is on innovation and inspiration in the area, we do a lot of other great things on the site that we wanted to make sure you were taking full advantage of. There is also an ongoing project to create a more standard branding for the region around ideas of inspiration via natural beauty coupled with a robust local industry and outstanding arts community.

From the ability for you to post blogs on the site to summit resume’s, there are a lot of great things to do that you may not have noticed. Here’s our list of the 5 things you should be doing on

1. Find events on the Calendar

We have spent a great deal of time pulling feeds from around the community to create a calendar that displays a wide array of events that are happening in the region. By going to our calendar page, you can easily see what arts and entertainment events are happening in the region. You can sort these events by categories or tags using the top left buttons to find exactly what you are looking for.

If you are more interested in finding out what’s going on in a specific town, you can use the town drop down tool to find out. Simply, click the drop-down feed, find the town you are interested in and scroll to the bottom. The events displayed there will be going on in that town or in the adjacent towns. Using the towns tool, then, you can find something fun to do in the area without having to travel too far.

2. Find a place to eat at, sleep at, or visit

Discover Monadnock’s has the most robust listing of businesses and locales in the region. Whether you are looking for a bed and breakfast to stay over at or a special restaurant to go for a date, Discover Monadncok knows the place for you. To find something, decide if you are looking for a to eat, a place to sleep or a place to play and then click that button. Each drop down will display various types of sub-categories, for instance cafes and ice cream in the eat section. Pick what you are looking to do and find the place that looks the most appetizing.

Like events, if you are looking for something close by, you can use the towns tool to find out what each town has to offer.

3. Look for Job opportunities


Recently, Discover Monadnock has developed a work tab that houses business resources and job opportunities. Under the entrepreneur, business resources and chambers buttons, you can find local resources to help with your existing business or places to help you get a business off the ground. The jobs button will bring you to a page listing some of the job opportunities in the are and employers who are hiring. If you are interested, you can submit your resume at the bottom of the page by picking the companies you would like your resume sent to, uploading it and clicking submit. It’s that easy to apply for positions using Discover Monadnock’s tool.

4. Submit your events or calendar feed

Want your event or calendar feed displayed to all of Discover Monadnock’s visitors? It couldn’t be more easy. To submit a single event, go to the calendar and click the green “Post Your Event” button. Fill out the form that pops up. Click “Submit Event”. The event will then be approved by our staff and displayed on the site.

You can also submit an entire calendar feed to Discover Monadnock’s calendar page. To do so, go to the calendar page and click the green “Add your feed” button. Paste your ical feed url in the first section. Click the categories box and then click whatever categories the majority of the events fall into. Finally, add your email and click “Submit for Review”. Remember to put as much information as possible into each of your events on your own on ical feed to ensure the information ports over well.

5. Write a blog post for Discover Monadnock

new post

This is a feature that not many people seem to know about, but you can actually write a post and have it featured on Discover Monanock’s blog! To do so, click the top left “Login” button on the site. When you first do this you will need to make an account. To make an account, click register and follow the instructions. Once you’ve made an account, log in, and click the top middle button, “New Post,” next to your user name. Then simply write your post by filling in all the required fields and click submit. The post will be sent to our staff. Once it’s approved it will be posted on the blog page and featured on our social media accounts. So if you have something you want everyone to know about in the area, make sure to make an account and write a blog about it.

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