Ways To Incorporate a Pop of Color To Your Space

Sometimes, the best way to make a neutral interior design stand out is to add just a touch of color around the house. However, simply adding color to a room isn’t enough to create a stellar design—the color needs to have a purpose. If you want to thoughtfully design your home with a fresh burst of color, learn some of the best ways to incorporate a pop of color to your space and let your artist’s heart take over your redesign.

Add Natural Beauty With Plants

Plants refresh any home’s design so long as you care for them properly. Whether you want to add flowers to your kitchen table or a small palm that infuses the space with a hint of the tropics, you’ll surely find the right color you’re looking for if you cycle through the different types of interior plants.

Consider some of these plants to decorate your home’s interior and play around with the different textures, colors, and themes:

  • Succulents and cacti
  • Your favorite New Hampshire native plants and flowers
  • Palms
  • Snake plants
  • Bamboo
  • Bird of Paradise plants
  • Ficus trees

If you’re afraid that you lack indoor plant growing prowess, opt for artificial indoor plants instead. They are realistic enough to make a convincing piece of décor. Find artificial plants that hide their plastic seams well and lack the shine that plastic gives off.

Bring in Color Through Furniture or Accessories

When you want to bring in an unnatural color, a bright piece of décor or furniture can light up the room in an instant. Play around with the psychology of color to set the mood without creating any dissonance in your design. Using bright accessories or furniture as ways to incorporate a pop of color to your space allows you to direct your guest’s attention exactly where you want it to be. For instance, if you want guests to notice your beautiful kitchen island, place color on top of it to show it off!

Try Mixing and Matching Different Styles

It’s not a requirement for your house to fit into a mold or for you to follow arbitrary interior design rules—your home should have a unique feel when you walk in that makes you feel proud to live there. Whether you want each room to stand out or want to blend styles in a single space, mixing interior design styles can add necessary contrast into the home’s design. Different styles often use different colors and textures as a base, allowing you to create intrigue in your design.

Don’t be afraid to make bold design choices! Often, opposites will attract when you use them tactfully in your interior design. Get creative and design fearlessly to make sure your home’s interior is one guests will remember long after they leave.

If you want to explore and develop your creative skills and learn about color, take an art class! Find art classes in the Monadnock Region!

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