Ways Winter Weather Damages Your Home

Ways Winter Weather Damages Your Home

The winter is unforgiving, and it can do real damage to your home if you’re not careful. Instead of ignoring the warning signs, address these wintry problems head-on. Here are the main ways winter weather damages your home.

High Winds

High winds may not immediately sound like damaging conditions, but they’re the main culprit for downed power lines and uprooted trees. These falling objects can cut off your power supply—and, consequently, your heating and electricity—and leave you without the capacity to warm your home. On top of that, if you have any drafty windows or walls, the high winds will only exacerbate this problem and chill your home.

Snow and Ice

Snow and ice are the classic winter elements that many try to avoid. They pose a serious threat to your property in addition to your person. Snow is beautiful and fun when it falls in glittery patterns, but it quickly turns into a nightmare when it accumulates on your home. If your rooftops are not adequately ventilated or equipped, packs of snow can melt underneath and gather in your gutters, forming ice dams when temperatures drop. Even if you know what to do when your gutters are frozen, the task of melting ice dams is daunting and quite frustrating. Melting snow can also leak through cracks and pool in your landscaping, potentially seeping all the way to your basement and foundation.

Freezing Cold

The cold is the most prominent opponent that homeowners fight all winter long. Even though many keep the heat turned on to keep people warm, the cold can still seep through. This worsens when cold snaps hit, and the tiniest gaps in your windows and door frames will let the frigid air indoors. The freezing cold can also cause the water in your pipes to solidify and break.

Remember the ways winter weather damages your home so you can prepare. Even in the middle of winter, it’s best to install better windows and address cracks and leaks as best you can so they don’t turn into worse problems in the spring. No matter the season, no one wants to be side-lined by expensive or dangerous repairs when you could be spending spare time involved with the many fun activities found in the Monadnock Region!

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