November Featured Artists

As Monadnock Region residents, we are so fortunate to have a myriad of talented of artists in midst. From the Connecticut River Valley towns of the Northwest like Walpole and Westmoreland to the scenic towns of the Southeast like Mason and Wilton and everywhere in between, the region draws the creative and artistic for its unique cross of sprawling natural landscapes and vivid culture.

Fittingly, every few months we take time to recognize some of the gifted people that make our region so great. Here’s our list of November Featured Artists:

 1. Michael Miller

Michael Miller has been a photographer since he was a young child, consistently drawn to the magic of cameras. Miller graduated from Boston University with a degree in Photojournalism. He then moved from Boston to Maine, Maine to New Mexico and from New Mexico back to Harrisville, New Hampshire. The Monadnock Region had seemed a good fit for Miller as he loved the countryside and rural lifestyle.

After settling down, Miller took time to be a stay at home dad before launching a successful carpentry business. During that time, he never put down his camera and he sure does have some amazing shots to prove it. He explains that photography came naturally for him and to this day energizes and excites him. Below are some of his most breathtaking photos:

2. Mary Iselin

Mary Iselin is a professional painter who has worked on a farm in Marlborough, NH for over 30 years,  lucky to have her subject all around her. Iselin is known for her light-filled, luminous paintings of farm animals and plein air landscapes. She explains, “I paint horses the way some artists would paint a bowl of fruit:  as a vehicle to explore light, color, atmosphere, and, most of all, spirit.”

Iselin is a full time artists, making time to teach at Sharon School of Art in Sharon, NH and tending to animal chores twice a day. Her work does truly capture the beauty of the region and the nature. Below are some of her most captivating paintings:


3. Erick Ingraham

Erick Ingraham is a professional painter and illustrator living in Sharon, NH. Since receiving his bachelors degree in Fine Arts from Kutztown University he has worked professionally in the field of art. He found a career in publication and illustration, illustrating a large variety of books from children books to technical manuals to cook books. Of his paintings Ingraham says that he enjoys the contrast he can achieve, ” a large part of what defines my psyche is Contrast. My strong Earth connection keeps me grounded as a technically oriented artist.” Below are some of his selected works:


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