Welcome to the Monadnock region, home to some of the best maple syrup producers in the country! New Hampshire is known for its deliciously sweet and rich maple syrup, and the Monadnock region has a variety of family-owned farms that offer visitors an authentic experience of watching syrup being made, and tasting it fresh from the tap. During the late winter and early spring, many local farms open their doors to visitors and offer tours of their maple syrup production facilities. Visitors can see the process of tapping the trees, collecting the sap, boiling it down, and finally producing the delicious golden syrup that we all love. Some farms even offer workshops where visitors can learn how to make their own maple syrup at home. In addition to the maple syrup production, many of these farms also offer other activities for visitors. Families can enjoy wagon rides, petting zoos, and other fun activities while learning about the history and traditions of maple syrup production. Visitors can also purchase maple syrup products such as candy, cream, and other tasty treats made with the sweet syrup. If you're a maple syrup enthusiast, or just looking for a fun and educational experience for the whole family, the Monadnock region is the perfect place to visit. Come and explore the rich history and tradition of maple syrup production, and taste the sweet and delicious flavors that only New Hampshire can offer.