3 Top Reasons To Try Bowfishing

3 Top Reasons To Try Bowfishing

The lakes surrounding Mount Monadnock are well-stocked with trout, bass, and perch for a leisurely day of fishing. But if you’re open to something new, you can combine your passion for angling with the thrill of the hunt into one exciting sport: bowfishing. Fans of the increasingly popular pastime go out for the physical challenge and to cull invasive species like carp. Take a look at the top reasons to try bowfishing; all you need is one.

It’s Not Expensive To Start

It’s best to invest in specialized equipment for bowfishing, including a bow, barbed arrow, and line; however, you should be able to find preowned gear on a giveaway app or website. When sporting enthusiasts commit to the activity, they tend to want to upgrade their weapons, so you can typically find pre-owned equipment at an affordable price. It doesn’t cost much in the beginning, but be aware that it can be a gateway to more gadgets such as drones and tricked-out bows. Furthermore, if you want to try bowfishing at night, you may want to get some colored lights and bug spray.

It’s a Versatile Sport

Compared to other forms of fishing, anglers can approach bowfishing from several different directions. You can do it off a dock, off the land, from a boat, or wading in the shallows. All you need is some clear water and a lot of patience. It does take a lot of hit and miss before you’ll experience bowfishing success, especially once you get a grasp on strategy.

Pro tip: Aim low. Due to water refraction, you need to aim about six inches below where you think the fish is.

It’s Done at a Safe Distance

If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that people tend to give archers a wide berth; therefore, you don’t run the risk of injury. Additionally, it’s best to bring an experienced companion with you the first few times you go bowfishing. Although it is a solitary activity, many people will continue to go with a friend, as it promotes a safer experience. Before you head out, you should also check the latest safety recommendations, which can vary by state. Plus, another top reason to try bowfishing is you get to spend time outside and avoid any viruses. The main dangers of the sport are sore arms and a new obsession.

Now that you have more than enough reason to go bowfishing, you’ll want to keep in mind that New Hampshire has specific rules and regulations you’ll need to follow:

Bowfishing is only allowed for suckers such as carp—not game fish, such as bass or trout. Additionally, there are state rules regarding licenses, seasons you can bowfish, what time of day you can partake in the activity, and locations where it is allowed. Be sure to review all this information before you head out on the water.

You can discover publicly accessible fishing sites in the Monadnock region on our boating and fishing page, or for a more remote experience, The Monadnock Conservancy has excellent tips for fishing on conserved properties in the region.

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