5 Mistakes To Avoid on Your First Camping Trip

When you go on your first camping trip, you likely won’t know what to expect. This is different from other vacations because rather than having the luxuries of a hotel, you’ll have to rely on yourself and nature. Remain prepared by noting these common mistakes to avoid on your first camping trip!

Inadequate Packing Techniques

Many first-timers either pack too much or don’t bring enough. Decide on an itinerary of what you’re likely to do to ensure you only pack the gear you’ll need and reduce the risk of over-packing. If you plan to hike through caves, research what you need to explore caves so that you can pack exactly what you need for a great time!

As you pack, remember to make a checklist of everything you bring so that you can refer to it before departing and ensure you don’t forget anything.

Getting Locked Out

It’s not uncommon for campers to get locked out of their RVs. Unfortunately, nearly everyone from the seasoned experts to newbies does this at least once—and once is enough! This little mishap is easy to avoid, especially when you know what to do if you’re locked out of the RV.

Not Researching the Campground

Know the rules of where you plan to stay. This is especially true if you plan on bringing different gear or have a furry travel companion. You don’t want to pack items you’re not allowed to use on the campground. Likewise, some campgrounds have rules against dogs and other pets.

Knowing the rules helps you know what to expect from the site. Respect for the rules also allows other campers to enjoy the site. You can usually review the rules of a campground on their website or online reviews. The Monadnock Region in southwest New Hampshire has a number of campgrounds. The region is rich in hiking/biking trails both on and off road and lakes and swimming ponds. Fishing and boating is allowed at many of them.

Not Caring for Gear

Take care of your camping gear so you can continue enjoying the great outdoors! If you notice a tear in your tent or broken part on the RV, repair it when you get home. By ignoring maintenance, you risk your gear wearing out early. And if you neglect your gear, you won’t be able to go on your next trip as soon as you’d hoped.

Feeding Wild Animals

The final mistake to avoid on your first camping trip is feeding wild animals. As adorable as wildlife is, you should never feed these animals. Not only does it make a mess, but it also puts the animals in danger. If animals like bears get too close to people, rangers may need to relocate or euthanize the animal for the safety of campers. So, clean up after yourself and keep your distance when you see wildlife to ensure the safety of all. After all, you are a visitor in their home!

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