Essential Tools for ATV Maintenance

Essential Tools for ATV Maintenance

An ATV equipped with tracks can provide freedom, even during the snowiest weather. But even though an ATV can keep you from being snowbound, you need to ensure it’s in top shape to do so. Naturally, you can amass an impressive collection of specific tools for tinkering with your ATV in your garage, and your vehicle should come with a small package of wrenches, screwdrivers, and so forth. However, you should have a smaller collection of doodads to handle other unexpected challenges on the road. Even if you don’t consider yourself mechanically inclined, learning a few basic repairs and investing in essential tools for ATV maintenance can keep your ATV running and you out of danger.

Duct Tape

Is there anything duct tape can’t fix? Well, yes; but there’s so much it can patch up and hold together until proper repairs can be done in the meantime. Sealing leaking pipes, holding down broken parts, protecting exposed parts from water and grit: a strip of duct tape could be the only thing between you and getting out of a tough jam. Keep a roll or even half a roll stowed away somewhere, flattened out to save space.

Zip Ties

You’ve spun out and over. You’re okay, but how is your ATV? Is part of the ATV’s body dangling, moving, or simply in the way? A few quickly drilled holes and zip ties can tightly secure loose ATV body parts together. Loose cables and the like can also be secured and stowed. When you’re on the move through acres of winter wonderland, you can’t have an important part hurling off and getting buried in the snow, or worse yet, flying up into your face.

Quick Links and Rope

Hopefully, it will never happen, but someday you and your ATV might take a tumble or get stuck somewhere you can’t drive your way out of. Be prepared to haul it out using the strength of quick links and a good length of synthetic rope. If it’s in your budget, equip your ATV with an automatic winch—but if you don’t have one, prepare to put the quick links, rope, and your muscles to work getting unstuck.


One of the most essential tools for ATV maintenance is many tools in one. A 10-in-one multi-tool can prepare you for most issues and emergencies, ATV-related or otherwise. You’ll want to rely on your ATV’s portable tool kit (if it has one) for more specific tools like socket wrenches and locking pliers, but it can’t hurt to have a back-up knife, screwdriver, wrench, pliers, and more attached to your toolbelt—and not just for ATV repairs. A multi-tool could be indispensable in a wilderness survival scenario. Be smart and carry one everywhere you ride!

If you don’t have trails on your land or friends who do, the Monadnock Region offers ATV access on the Hillsborough Recreational Rail Trail. Its 7.8 miles connect the towns of Hillsborough, Deering, and Bennington.

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