5 Fun things to do in Greenfield, NH

Greenfield, NH is a beautiful small town in the middle of Hilllsborough County. Greenfield was originally called Lyndeborough Addition when it was settled by the Lynde family in 1753. Then, in 1791, the residents of Lyneborough petitioned to form a new town, called Greenfield for the areas luscious and fertile landscape. Greenfield is also home

The Iran Nuclear Agreement A Conversation with Souroush Richard Shehabi

PETERBOROUGH, N.H. — On Saturday, Oct. 3rd, 2015 at 3 p.m., the Mariposa Museum and the Ilex Foundation will co-present, The Iran Nuclear Agreement: A Conversation with Souroush Richard Shehabi. The event will be held at the Mariposa Museum and World Culture Center at 26 Main Street in Peterborough. In July, after months of diplomacy, the P5+1

Fun 7 things to do in Antrim NH

Antrim NH is a majestic town on the northern tip of the Monadnock Region. Antrim was originally founded i n 1777, named after County Antrim in nothern Ireland, where the land’s owner, Philip Riley hailed from. The town would quickly grow around the Great Brook which provided water power for over 20 mills, which made

The 12 Reasons Why You Know You Grew Up in the Monadnock Region

There is no doubt that the Monadnock region is one of the best places to grow up in the world. There are countless outdoor activities, cultural events, seasonal festivals and other things that contribute to the overall greatness of being from Southwestern New Hampshire. While each town has it’s own unique qualities, there are certain

Top 8 Festivals in New Hampshire’s Monadnock Region

Each year the Monadnock region is proud to host some of the best festivals in New Hampshire and the Monadnock region. As far as things to do in NH, festivals are one of the best ways to get out and celebrate the season and the towns of the festivals. The Monadnock region is home to

Monadnotes: Meet Michael Blake

(This post was original posted on Monadnotes.com) It was one of those way too familiar Friday nights this winter – weekend storm coming, better get out while you can. So I headed over to Sunflowers at the end of the dinner hour and was greeted by Michael Blake playing electric guitar. His selections included some rock,

7 Activities to Try During Winter in the Monadnock Region

With the winter season in full swing, now is the best time to take full advantage of the activities that the Monadnock Region has to offer. There is nothing like winter in New Hampshire. And, over the past few weeks, the snow covered grounds have just been piled upon with the record-breaking snowfall. This is