Monadnock Brewery Tour

The Monadnock Brewery Tour – A True Craft Beer Destination I enjoy craft beer, mainly due to the fact that I’ve dabbled in making it myself off and on over the last twelve years. My basic understanding of the process has given me an appreciation for this particular art form and a recognition for how difficult

The Bottom of the Barrel

The Bottom of the Barrel at the Monadnock Center Peterborough, NH- The end of winter was a lean time in the 1830s and wives had to know how to scrape the bottom of the barrel. Learn about cooking at the lean time of year at the Monadnock Center for History and Culture on Saturday, March

Food and Music: A Match Made in Heaven, Part 2

By Sarah Lennon To find out what the restaurant music scene is like from a musician’s perspective, I caught up with Jake McKelvie, lead singer and guitarist of local indie-rock band Jake McKelvie & the Countertops. McKelvie is a seasoned restaurant performer; his first experiences were at age 13 or 14. He would occasionally play in

Food and Live Music: A Match Made in Heaven, Part 1

By Sarah Lennon No matter where you are in the world, every community has one thing in common: live music. Arguably the most universally appreciated art form, music isn’t just for professionals. Local musicians are everywhere, including our very own Monadnock region! For anyone with a few bucks to spare, the best places to start