Alstead Karaoke

family-friendly  Karaoke   Friday, April 1st          8 p.m.    all ages ~  $5   It’s been 13 years since the karaoke party that sparked the creation of Mole Hill Theatre.  Celebrate the anniversary of that monumental eve at this special April Fool’s Day Karaoke.  This is your chance to take the stage

Monadnock Brewery Tour

The Monadnock Brewery Tour – A True Craft Beer Destination I enjoy craft beer, mainly due to the fact that I’ve dabbled in making it myself off and on over the last twelve years. My basic understanding of the process has given me an appreciation for this particular art form and a recognition for how difficult

Butterfly Swing Band

 forget the lion…. Swing March in like a Butterfly!   Butterfly Swing Band  Saturday, March 5th      ~ Basie ~ Porter ~ Ellington~             ~ classic swing ~    The Butterfly Swing Band plays joyous dance music with a classic swing groove. Guaranteed to get you schmoozin’ & movin’, the ensemble includes trumpet, sax, clarinet, guitar, bass

5 Interesting Ways to Discover Alstead

It is a town that was founded upon the banks of the Cold River in the 1700s, and often remembered as the Monadnock region community devastated when the normally mild river and its tributaries swelled beyond capacity in 2005, washing away homes, cars, miles of road and tragically taking the lives of four residents. But