Monadnock Art Communities

Some art forms give us an opportunity to connect with one another: film, dance, theater, etc.  However, studio art is a solitary business by nature.  Because of this, reaching out to collaborate or simply connect with other artists can be difficult, especially in a small town that lacks a creative space for artists to convene. 

Featured Monadnock Artists of September

The Monadnock Region had a great summer packed with stunning performances, gorgeous art and beautiful weather. Know as we turn our eyes to autumn and the sumptuous changing  of leaves we thought it would be appropriate to highlight some more Monadnock Artists. For all you art fans out there remember that there are visiting artists

4 Most Notable Artists to stay at The MacDowell Colony

In 1896, a prominent New York composer, Edward MacDowell and his wife, Marian MacDowell, bought a large farm in Peterborough, New Hampshire. This seemingly innocuous decision would lead to one of the most fruitful artistic residencies in the world. But before it became the MacDowell Colony, the couple used the farm as an escape from