Discover Monadnock’s June’s Featured Artists

We are excited to highlight another three incredibly artist for the month of June. June has kicked off as an exciting week for art in the Monadnock region with the Keene Art Walk kicking off and NEFA’s Creative Communities Exchange being hosted by Arts Alive. We are hoping to continue the theme with June’s featured

May’s Featured Monadnock Artists

The Monadnock region is blessed to have so many talented artists, craftsmen, writers and creative souls living within its borders. Our region’s beauty has acted as the inspiration for works from Transcendentalist writers like Ralph Waldo Emerson to famous composers like Leonard Bernstein and many many more in between. Those lucky enough to live in the Monadnock

The 12 Reasons Why You Know You Grew Up in the Monadnock Region

There is no doubt that the Monadnock region is one of the best places to grow up in the world. There are countless outdoor activities, cultural events, seasonal festivals and other things that contribute to the overall greatness of being from Southwestern New Hampshire. While each town has it’s own unique qualities, there are certain

Top 8 Festivals in New Hampshire’s Monadnock Region

Each year the Monadnock region is proud to host some of the best festivals in New Hampshire and the Monadnock region. As far as things to do in NH, festivals are one of the best ways to get out and celebrate the season and the towns of the festivals. The Monadnock region is home to

Monadnotes: Meet Michael Blake

(This post was original posted on It was one of those way too familiar Friday nights this winter – weekend storm coming, better get out while you can. So I headed over to Sunflowers at the end of the dinner hour and was greeted by Michael Blake playing electric guitar. His selections included some rock,

7 Activities to Try During Winter in the Monadnock Region

With the winter season in full swing, now is the best time to take full advantage of the activities that the Monadnock Region has to offer. There is nothing like winter in New Hampshire. And, over the past few weeks, the snow covered grounds have just been piled upon with the record-breaking snowfall. This is

The Legend Behind Cheshire’s Haunted Fortress

Deep inside a picturesque wood in the heart of Chesire New Hampshire, there emerges from the leafy and soft floor, a series of dark stone structures in vaguely familiar forms of a house’s foundation and it’s tri-arched, spiral staircase. The maliciously assembled dark stone work blithely intrudes on the forest’s natural colors, creating an eerie scene of misplaced labors

Our 5 Favorite Quotes about the Monadnock Region

For centuries, the Monadnock region’s unparalleled beauty and natural landscape has attracted our country’s most prestigious artists to the area. Our region’s focal point, Mount Monadnock, acts as great fodder for inspiration as it emerges alone from the hillside. Beyond the mountain, the landscape has a unique lushness, punctuated by more lakes than The Lakes Region of New

4 Most Notable Artists to stay at The MacDowell Colony

In 1896, a prominent New York composer, Edward MacDowell and his wife, Marian MacDowell, bought a large farm in Peterborough, New Hampshire. This seemingly innocuous decision would lead to one of the most fruitful artistic residencies in the world. But before it became the MacDowell Colony, the couple used the farm as an escape from