6 Fun things to do in Dublin NH

Dublin NH, the home of the famous Yankee Magazine and Dublin Lake, is one of the regions most scenic and welcoming towns. Dublin was founded in 1749 when the Masonian proprietors granted the town as Monadnock number 3 to Matthew Thornton and a group of nearly 40 others. The town, though, would not be permanently settled for

Maple Month in the Monadnock Region

It’s that time of year again when all of the Maple Sugar Shack will be opening their doors to the public. This weekend 3/14-3/15 all of the houses below will be giving tours.  Of the 8 different places there must be one that is close by to you. t (The descriptions are written by the

Historic Legacy of New England Homes in Dublin N.H.

An hour and forty minutes north of Boston, the town of Dublin, New Hampshire is an oasis for all those looking to escape to the country. Dublin is located due north of Mount Monadnock, the most climbed mountain in the United States and some argue in the world. The allure of Mount Monadnock has drawn